APM Electronics USA has been manufacturing industrial and telecom grade PSU modules for more than 7 years.  Designed product has been proven by NEBS certification and wildly used in telecom carrier data center.

Our main focus products are fully customized PSU module which fit your chassis design from 250W up to 1200W(1+1 redundant).

Please contact us at (408) 380-4567 if you would like to design your own power supply with your own brand. Our professional sales team will provide you the right power solution for your application





RSAB750G -1


RSDB750G -1





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“For over 8 years we have been using APM supplies at Juniper Networks. The power supply Juniper use is up to 1200W on over 30 different Network Appliance Models in production and being sold by Juniper. Juniper also use DC version. We have been happy with the reliability, cost and performance. I would recommend these power supplies to anyone building a server or an appliance. “

Tim Strenk

Director, Engineering

Juniper Networks