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2070-4A Power Supply Module is a chassis mounted, open frame, 4-output with standby switching power supply delivering up to 70W for use in Caltrans TEES 332L, 334L, and 336L cabinets.

The power supply is enclosed by one side plate, one side plate with vents, front and rear plates. The top and bottom of the module are not enclosed. The side plate supports the power modules. The connectors, power switch, and status indicators are attached to the power module board. The rear plate supports the cord wrap and line cord inlet. The power cord with strain relief is permanently attached to the power modules.



Voltage/Current Label Rating AC 90-135V, 60Hz±3Hz, 1.6A max, single Phase
Fusing AC 3.0A, 250V delayed (slow-blow) action 3AG (glass) 0.25”x1.25” cartridge type external line fuse provided, operator accessible
Inrush current Soft start (~25°C cold start) 25Apk @ AC 115V
Efficiency At AC 115V:       >75% @ 1.0A>78% @ 5.0A>78% @ 10.0A
Voltage Protection Auto DC output shutdown when AC input falls below safe operating limits (50V AC). Automatic recovery when input rises to within normal operating range.


Voltage/Current (V/A) V1       +5.0V        0.0-10.0AV2     +12.0V          0.0-0.5A       (Serial)V3      -12.0V          0.0-0.5A       (Serial)V4     +12.0V          0.0-1.0A       (ISO)V5       +5.0V                600μ       (Standby)
Total loading on V1+V2+V3+V4 not to exceed 70W at 70°C.V5 is non-operating until AC input failure.
Output Voltage Set point Factory preset within ±2.0% of nominal voltage.
Line Regulation ±1.0% at the sense point over full AC input range and 0 – 100% output loading, with sense leads connected.
Load Regulation <±5.0% at the output connection over the full AC input range and 0 – 100% output loading.
Remote Sense V1 output compensates for up to 250mV total line drop in the load cables. Output is internally sensed if leads are opened.
Minimum Loading None required.
Output Turn-on Delay <1.0 second from AC turn-on.
Over/Under Shoot None at turn-on or turn-off.
Stability <±0.2% output drift after 20 minute warm-up.
Temp, Coefficient <±0.02%/°C, 0° – 50°C, after 20 minute warm-up.
Dynamic Response Output recovers to within 1% in less than 500μsec with a 50% load change at a slew rate of 1A/μsec. <±5.0% peak transient deviation.
Ripple and Noise(PARD) 50mV max peak-to-peak at the output terminal with a 20 MHz bandwidth limit. May be measured with a 0.1μF ceramic capacitor in parallel with a 22μF tantalum capacitor connected between the measured output and its return.
Hold-Up Time Outputs remain in regulation and capable of supplying 30W minimum for 55mSec following AC Fail going LOW. Holds output up for two (2) 500mSec power loss periods occurring within a 1.5 second period.
Over Voltage Protection (OVP) Non-crowbar type. Any output exceeding 130%±5% of nominal will cause all outputs to latch off. AC input recycles required to reset.
Over Temperature Protection Internal temperature sensing. Causes output to shut down. Automatic recovery.
Over Current/Short Circuit Protection Protected against overload and short-circuit faults. Automatic recovery when overload removed.
Standby Output Provides power at a minimum constant drain of 600μA from +5 to +2 VDC for 10 hours minimum. Monitor circuitry switches the +5 VDC Standby output ON immediately on Power Failure and isolates (OFF) at Power Up.
Signals, Indicators, and Controls
AC On/Off Switch Line-side SPST toggle type, vertical throw, rated 5A@120VAC on the front panel. Panel silk-screened with function identification and On/Off positions adjacent. “Off” position is “down”.
DC Power Indicator 4 front panels mounted, single-color LEDs, one assigned to each output (V1-V4). Green indicates DC power On and output is within ±5% of V-nom. Off indicates an output fault. Panel silk-screened with function and output identification adjacent.
AC Power Fail/Power down AC Fail and Power Down output lines go LOW (ground true) immediately upon power failure. The lines transition to HIGH within 50ms after both power restoration and supply are fully recovered. Lines driven separately.
System Reset/Power Up Sysreset and Powerup output lines transition to LOW 525±25ms after AC Fail/Power Down transition to LOW. The Lies transition to HIGH 225±25ms after both Power Restoration and the supply are fully recovered. Lines driven separately.
Linesync 60Hz Square Wave Linesync signal is generated by a crystal oscillator which synchronizes to the 60Hz VAC incoming power line at 120 and 300 degrees. A continuous square wave signal is +5 VDC amplitude, 8.333ms halfcycle pulse duration, and 50±1% duty cycle. The output has a drive sink capability of 16mA. A 2K Ohm pull-up resistor is connected between the output and +5 VDC. The monitor circuit compensates for missing pulses and line noise during normal operation. Signal disabled when Sysreset transitions LOW and enables when Sysreset transitions HIGH.


Weight 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
Retaining Fastener 4 operator accessible M3x0.5 retractable thumb screw captive fasteners on the real panels.   TEES standard TSD No. 3.
Mounting Orientation Designed for horizontal insertion into a TEES specified Model 2070 Controller Unit

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature -34.6° – +165.2°F (-37.0° – +74.0C) ambient at full load
Cooling Convection only.
Relative Humidity Up to 95% RH, non-condensing.
Operational Vibration 0.75G peak, 5 – 500Hz along three orthogonal axes.
Storage Temperature -40° to +185°F (-40° to +85°C).
Altitude Operating to 10,000 ft. Storage to 30,000 ft.
MTBF Designed for 150,000 hrs at 25°C
Maintenance No routine maintenance is specified or required.


AC Input Non-detachable, 3×16 AWG conductor power cord exits the unit through a strain relief bushing from the rear panel. Minimum 40.0” length terminated with a NEMA 5-15P grounding type plug. 2 cord wrap brackets provided adjacent.
DC Output/Signal Connectors PS1: 10-circuit (2×5) wire-to-board receptacle header with mating locking tab, user accessible through a front panel opening. Rated 9.5A per 0.99” (0.039mm) diameter contact pin, UL 94V-) rated nylon 66/6 housing material. Tyco/AMP Mini-Universal Mate-N-Lock 2, p/n 1-770971-0, Mates with AMP plug p/n 770580-1 used with user selected AMP socket terminal appropriate for wire gauge and current capacity.PS1 Pin#     Function1                  V1 (+5.0VDC) Output2                  V2 (+12.0VDC) Serial Output3                  V3 (-12.0VDC) Serial Output4                  Return, V1, V2, V3 Output (Gnd)

5                  V5 (+5.0VDC) Standby Output

6                  (+) V1 Sense

7                  (-) V1 Sense Return

8                  AC Input Power Fail Signal

9                  SYSRESET (System Reset)

10                No Connection


PS2: 12-circuit (2×6) receptacle identical to PS1 above except Tyco/AMP p/n 1-770972-0 Mates with AMP plug p/n 770581-1.


PS2 Pin#     Function

1                  V1 (+5.0VDC) Output

2                  V2 (+12.0VDC) Serial Output

3                  V3 (-12.0VDC) Serial Output

4                  Return, V1, V2, V3, Output (Gnd)

5                  V5 (+5.0VDC) Standby Output

6                  V4 (+12.0VDC) Isolated Output

7                  Return, V4 Output (Gnd)

8                  POWERDOWN

9                  POWERUP

10                EG (Equipment Ground)

11                LINESYNC

12                No Connection

Safety, Regulatory and EMC

The power supply module is designed to comply with the relevant industry standards of the authorities having jurisdiction, typically UL 60950-1, CSE 22.2 and IEC 60950.


EMI Filtering Meets CISPR22B Level TBD, EN55022 Level TBD, and FCC Part 15, Level TBD, for conducted emissions.
Harmonics Meets EN 61000-3 (harmonics and voltage fluctuations).
Touch Current 1.2mA max @ 50/60Hz, 15V AC per UL 60950 test procedures (Sec. 5.0).
Routine Factory Tests Di-electric strength (hi-pot) to 2121V DC input-to-chassis and input-to-outputs; MegOhm to 500V output-to-chassis.